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Create, protect and experience a healthy workplace with revolutionary surface disinfectant solutions. As global-leading surface disinfectant manufacturers, 360 Health & Hygiene is committed to making your business safe against the spread of bacteria and viruses, supplying you with game-changing solutions: the EPA-approved SurfaceWise2 and the powerful Hypochlorous Acid Sterilizer. With us, your business will always remain open and safe for your employees and consumers.

Using our all-natural surface solutions reduces the use of harmful traditional cleaners. Our products are eco-friendly, non-toxic, odorless, contain no chemicals and produce no harmful vapours.
Safe to use in enclosed spaces and high-traffic areas - where surface contamination is at a higher rate - we offer products for various workplaces.
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With a 99.9% disinfection rate, our surface disinfectants kill bacteria, bacterial spores, viruses, and fungi, protecting your employees, customers and environments anywhere and anytime.

Made By World-Leading Surface Disinfectant Manufacturers

SurfaceWise2 is the only EPA-approved surface coating that continuously eliminates bacteria and viruses – including COVID-19. This next-generation single-application technology will secure the health and safety of your workplace. Tested and proven by third-party researchers, it can be used on virtually all surfaces and enclosed spaces, requiring only four applications per year, making it the ideal surface coating solution for your business.

We Protect Your Organization

At 360 Health & Hygiene, we can give your employees, customers, students, teammates and visitors the relief and peace of mind to get back to doing what they do best. Easily applied to numerous areas, including desks, classrooms and public spaces, our surface disinfectants create a comfortable environment where your people always feel safe returning.
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How It Works

SurfaceWise2 eliminates the microbes of bacteria and viruses that land on surfaces, continuously killing them before they mutate and build up resistance. Ensure all surfaces are cleaned with conventional supplies before applying SurfaceWise2 through an electrostatic sprayer. This superior application ensures efficient and complete coverage, and only trained technicians should use it. Such is the effectiveness of SurfaceWise2 that the droplets are 900 times smaller than the average droplet and applied at a force 75 times greater than gravity, creating a “wraparound effect” for ultimate protection.

What’s the Alternative?
Indeed it does. SurfaceWise2 is the only EPA-approved solution that can continuously protect surfaces against COVID-19, reducing the need to reapply frequently while not producing any harmful chemicals.

As the official retailer of SurfaceWise2 in Canada, 360 Health & Hygiene is currently offering this game-changing technology to businesses across the country. We also supply some states in the US and are looking to branch globally.

Allied BioScience is the creator of SurfaceWise2. They are a highly respected and globally recognized manufacturer with a vision to save lives and reduce the global burden of infectious disease.

Indeed you can, depending on the requirements and requests of your organization. As leading UVC manufacturers, we offer various solutions for organizations, including UV light sanitizers and air purification systems. Combining them all will create a completely safe and healthy environment for your employees and consumers.

What The Experts Are Saying
Hypochlorous Acid Sterilizer

Kills 99.9% of Bacteria & Viruses

Eco-friendly, safe and effective, our Hypochlorous Acid Sterilizer is the perfect companion to help kill bacteria and germs. Created through Electrolyzation (the passing of electric current through liquid), the water and salt are electrolyzed, creating sodium hypochlorite, a powerful substance as effective as bleach. All that is required is 4g of salt and 230ml of water. With three modes of concentration, you can create the right balance for your cleaning needs.

Low Concentration

You can create the low-level mode in three minutes, which sterilizes germs and mildew while degrading many harmful chemicals like pesticides. It will not hurt the skin.

● Fruits & vegetables
● Disinfect wounds
● Hand washing
● Keep meat fresh
● Disinfection of mosquito bites

Medium Concentration

Five minutes of electrolysis will provide you with a medium concentration dose to apply to more difficult-to-clean areas and tools. Has no residue and pungent smells.

● Foot washing
● Disinfect furniture
● Wash underwear
● Utensils & dishes
● Floors & carpets
● Bathroom disinfection
● Denture cleaning

High Concentration

The highest level of hypochlorous acid concentration occurs after eight minutes of electrolysis. At this level, it can remove stubborn stains and deodorize areas and tools.

● Stubborn stains
● Disinfect rags & cloths
● Clean range hood
● Disinfect washing machine

It is homemade disinfectant water that includes edible salt and water as raw materials. The electrolyzation process will transform the water into a powerful cleaner.
We did. This is an exclusive creation from 360 Health & Hygiene. We can provide you with more information if you contact us.
Many! Businesses in the hospitality, retail and entertainment industries can ensure that their operations and service areas are clean and safe for use. Schools, hospitals and government departments can also benefit from this product.

As hypochlorous acid (HOCl) is 100% safe and non-irritant, it is harmless if ingested by accident, though we strongly advise keeping it away from children.