Our Vision

At 360 Health & Hygiene, we’re all about people. We seek to create a safer, environmentally friendly and happier planet, where people can work, communicate and enjoy life without the threat of viruses or bacteria.

Our Mission

With a culture of excellence and a desire to push the boundaries, we develop, produce and distribute next-generation sanitization technology that is safe, healthy and effective, while encouraging economic growth and proactive solutions for organizations across the globe.
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Values That Guide Us
We uphold the highest standards of employee, consumer and public health and protection. We are devoted to excellence, creating products with no harmful chemicals and producing no ozone radiation or mercury, safeguarding your people against potential health issues while ensuring operations continue.

Your safety is of paramount importance in our company. Our technology guarantees that your employees, the public and customers are secure when in the range of our products, making it safer to operate and maintain your business with minimal downtime or concerns.

We’re a big part of your organization operating, which means we have a responsibility to protect the ecosystem that supports us. We are committed to developing and utilizing green and clean technology, minimizing environmental impacts during production and when operating within your organization.

We strive to make the sanitization of your workplace more efficient and cost-effective. While outdated UV and sanitization technology require excessive resources and manpower to operate, our long-lasting, energy-efficient, and automated products streamline protection while saving manpower and reducing costs.

No organization should miss out on the opportunity to protect its space. We believe that affordability and value are quintessential to our mission to make organizations a safer place for all. You’ll find that our products are always accessible when you need them.
  • Health
  • Safety
  • Environmental
  • Efficiency
  • Affordability