Harness The Power Of UVC Light

Eliminate germs, bacteria and spores while creating a safe and environmentally friendly workplace with UVC light. At 360 Health & Hygiene, we offer revolutionary UVC LED sterilization technology, using LED chips to produce “artificial UVC sunlight” that destroys the DNA/RNA of harmful organisms. You’ll experience a safer, healthier workplace with our commercial UV light sanitizers

We have successfully created artificial UVC light that inactivates bacteria and germs while remaining safe for public use, workplaces and closed spaces.
Designed to keep people safe and healthy, our products are mercury, chemical and ozone-free, ensuring a high level of protection for users.
UVC LED Lighting
Our products have a 99.9% disinfection rate, eliminating E.coli, Salmonella and many others on surfaces and in the air.
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UVC LED Lighting

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Understanding UVC
How It Works

UVC, also known as ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (UVGI), is a short-wavelength light (between 260-285nm) that, when harnessed, penetrates, disrupts and destroys the cell membrane and nucleus of harmful organisms (the DNA/RNA), rendering it sterile and inactivate. As the world’s leading UVC manufacturers, we seek to disrupt the market with our breakthrough UVC LED technology, producing applications widely available for organizations across the globe.  

UVC LED Lighting
What’s the Alternative?

We have improved hospitals and medical facilities in Canada and the United States, providing more protection for doctors and patients in highly active areas that require consistent sanitization and cleaning. Our products are recognized by hospitals nationwide and globally for their outstanding efficiency, safety and excellence. We also serve schools and daycares, sports teams, transportation services (ferries, airports, planes and buses), offices, and retail spaces.

Not only do our commercial-grade UV light sanitizers improve safety and health standards for employees and the public, but they are also cost-effective and efficient. Manual disinfection demands time and money; our solutions offer businesses and governments the opportunity to reduce expenses and save resources.
Yes, they can. Confined spaces with bad ventilation are difficult to operate using traditional disinfection methods. This can result in harmful safety issues for workers and cleaners. Our products are safer and healthier for everyone.

Yes, we do. We have air purification systems and a powerful surface disinfectant, SurfaceWise2, available for businesses and government departments.

UVC LED Lighting
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