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Enjoy breathing fresh, clean and healthy air at all times with our commercial air purification systems. At 360 Health & Hygiene, we have scientifically engineered an air sanitizing and lighting system that cleans and purifies the air while eliminating antibiosis and antiviral bacteria. Experience a safer workplace for you and your employees with our pioneering and ground-breaking technology. 

Our indoor air purification products can operate 24/7 in an occupied space while producing no UV light, leakage, or harmful materials.
Designed for various organizations, our air disinfection system purifies and sanitizes the air, removing any particle impurities, ensuring clean air within hours.
UVC LED Lighting
With an air disinfection efficiency of 61m³/hr and an airflow rate of 202ft³ (5.72m³)/min, our products eliminate 99.99% of bacteria and germs.
Our Flagship Commercial Air Purification Systems

We Protect Your Organization

As global air purification manufacturers, we built our reputation on reliability and trustworthiness. It’s why our disruptive technology is tested, approved and certified by leading laboratories, such as MICROBAC, SGS and Gmicro Testing, proving their effectiveness and safety for commercial and public spaces. Easy to install and assemble, we provide solutions to numerous organizations with the 24/7 long-term protection they desire.

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Effective at removing viruses,
bacteria, & fungi from surfaces and air
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Life span with an airflow rate
of 202 ft³/minute
UVC LED Lighting
How It Works

Simple and effective, the NanoUVClean can be utilized in various organizations due to its efficient sanitizing system. The Centrifugal Industrial Fan pulls air into the device before the UVC light stimulates the Nano TiO₂ catalyst coating inside the air sanitizing chamber. The TiO₂ then creates hydroxyl radicals, an ion that damages the DNA of viruses and deactivates them in the air and on surfaces. Clean, healthy and sanitized air is then expelled back out of the device. The sustainable Nano coating also contains an antibacterial agent that inhibits bacteria from growing on surfaces, ensuring complete protection for the surrounding environment.

Large particles are removed by filters
Continuous air disinfection by Nano TiO₂ silver photocatalyst reaction
UVC light disinfection
What’s the Alternative?

254 nm; it is to accelerate photocatalyst catalysis reaction and germicidal inside the air clean chamber.

It can last up to 30,000hrs. We can discuss how you can replace your lighting when required.

It is a medical-grade designed centrifugal fan (not a general blow fan) with non-stop 100,000hrs stable performance and reliability.

The CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate) of our products is at 1 m³/min or 36cubic ft/min. It can treat the volume of air equivalent to an L5.5x W4 x H2.8 m (L18x W113 x H9 ft) room in 1 time/hr.

We are cETL & CE approved.

Based on the components: Nano coating material – disinfection rate verification by SGS, Gmicro, Microbac; Luminaire – disinfection rate verification by SGS, Gmicro. You can contact us for more details.

We offer a standard 3-year warranty for the complete fixture. You can also choose our extended warranty plan with minimum cost.

Both the LED lifespan (L70B50) and LED Driver lasts up to 50,000hrs while the LED Driver is also 50,000hrs.

Yes, we do. We have UV light sanitizers and powerful surface disinfectants, including SurfaceWise2, available for businesses and government departments.

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